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Helena Roerich on Alice Bailey

There is an opinion that Helena Roerich treated Alice Bailey differently in different periods of her life, or that her attitude to Alice Bailey was "uncertain". We have collected all the currently known statements of Helena Roerich about Alice Bailey and her school "Arcane School" (this is about 30 letters), analyzed them and came to the conclusion that this opinion is deeply erroneous and misleading followers of the Living Ethics (or Agni Yoga).

In addition, there is a perception that the letters in which Helena Roerich gave negative assessments of the activities of Alice Bailey and "Arcane School" are fake. We studied the history of the appearance of various editions of the Helena Roerich's letters, got acquainted with the originals of some of the letters and came to the conclusion that such idea has no basis.

This site is dedicated to discussing these and some other related issues.


I. Helena Roerich's quotes with references to Alice Bailey and "Arcane School"

II. Analysis of Helena Roerich's quotes with references to Alice Bailey and and "Arcane School"

III. Why did Helena Roerich speak in a number of cases about Alice Bailey without appreciation?

IV. Why did the Roerichs allow contact with Alice Bailey?

V. On discrepancies between different editions of Helena Roerich's letters

VI. The opinion of Helena Roerich or Opinion of Master M.?

VII. Conclusion

APPENDIX 1: "The Facets of Agni Yoga" on Alice Bailey

APPENDIX 2: About the attitude of Helena Roerich to some correspondents